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Chocolate FAQs


How should I store my chocolates?

The Montana Chocolate Company recommends you store our chocolates out of direct sunlight. They will last longer stored at 65-70 degrees F.  
Chocolate CAN pick up a lot of other food flavors around them, so we recommend wrapping them thoroughly; if they will be in contact with exposed food. They also do best in dry air.


How long can I keep my chocolates?

We stamp our products with a three month "best by date", although we have seen chocolate that has remained fresh past six months. 
As long as it stays away from water it could even last longer. If you are unsure if your chocolate is safe to eat a quick smell test should let you know quickly. 


What is this white/gray film on the chocolate?

That would be chocolate bloom. It usually happens when stored in warm conditions, but can also happen from temperature swings, high humidity, among other rare possibilities. Chocolate bloom is safe, although the texture of the chocolate may be different. 

Does our chocolate contain gluten?

Most of our chocolates would be gluten free, albeit we make a couple with products that contain gluten and we make all chocolates in the same facility; so there is a chance of cross contamination.

Does our chocolate contain allergens?

Yes, all of our chocolates are made in the same facility that processes: milk, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans.

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