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Chocolate Pairings

One of the most wonderful things a person can do is pair their favorite things together to create a little slice of heaven on earth.

Here are some tips from all of us at The Montana Chocolate Company.

1. Everyone’s taste buds are different and what tastes delicious to one person may not be a home run to another. You may never agree but the most important advice we can impart to you, is to HAVE FUN!

2. Have a variety of chocolates on hand like in our Toast to Montana Collection.

3. Keep your chocolates at room temperature for 2-3 hours before tasting.

4. Anyone can taste chocolate, no need to be an expert. Words that may help you to describe what flavors emerge in your pairings: Bold, Complex, Earthy, Fruity, Flavorful, Rounded, to name a few.

5. We enjoy pairing The Montana Chocolate Company Truffles with Microbrew or Craft beers such as WildWood Brewery, unique blended teas such as Tumblewood Teas, coffees will a selection of blends from Fieldheads Coffee and wines in a variety of vints from Blodgett Canyon Winery.

6. We prefer to line up our pairings in flights from mildest to most bold or most complex flavorings. For example: A Chardonnay with our Camelia green tea raspberry infused truffle then move to a red zinfandel with a milk chocolate truffle with some fruit based flavors to a deeper more complex red blend or merlot with dark chocolate. The same can be said for teas, coffees and beer.

7. Set up your tastings in “flights”. We enjoy pairing multiple flavors of truffles with each flight to see what flavors emerge from your beverage with each unique truffle.

8. Take notes and compare them at the end of your tasting. We hope you enjoy your sweet treats from The Montana Chocolate Company here in majestic Montana.

We are so inspired to create and share our chocolate dreams with you.