Chocolate For Your Health

chocolate for your health

Chocolate For Your Health

The Montana Chocolate Company has amazing information about the benefits of dark chocolate.

We make healthy chocolate!

Much commercial chocolate these days contains high amounts of fat, sugar and many additives and not very much pure cocoa. Medical research shows that chocolate when in its most pure and darkest form it is a very beneficial health food. Our dark chocolate is from the Yucatan area and it is well known that South and central America are known for their immeasurable high quality cocoa solids.

Healthy chocolates, as we like to call them, have natural compounds called flavonoids. Flavonoids have been shown raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol). Flavinoids may also help to prevent certain cancers.

Heart Happy

Our chocolates are not only delicious and delightful, but, can also be heart healthy! Research shows that moderate amounts of dark chocolate can help to reduce the risk of blood clots and keep arteries clear of formations. Reducing the risk of stroke.

Chocolate Enhancement

Not only is chocolate considered a mild stimulant but eating small quantities of chocolate and relax the nerves in your upper respiratory minimizing a persistent cough. All of the benefits no side effects of a cough syrup! Win Win!

There is a special chemical in chocolate that also helps to stimulate your mood similar to serotonin. This is what we have several chocolate terms for: Chocolate Bliss, Chocolate Euphoria, and The Chocolate Happy Dance!

This chemical, PEA (phenylethylmine) gives you a sense of bliss akin to that feeling you may get after a great workout. Woot Woot! With over 300 natural and healthy chemicals in cocoa beans, why would you ever feel a drop of guilt while enjoying our delicious chocolates?!

This shows that not only is our chocolate delicious but good for you as well!

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