Chocolate FAQs

Chocolate FAQs

Chocolate FAQs

How is the quality of chocolate determined? Quality of chocolate is determined much the same as food. The care and time that goes into making the product along with the quality of raw ingredients in finished product. We start with the highest quality chocolate and use locally harvested or locally grown ingredients from our huckleberries to our butter and cream.

Why is chocolate and wine often compared? Both chocolate and wine have very similar qualities in the earthiness, complexity of flavor and acidity. As with grapes, there are many varietals of cocoa beans. Some chocolatiers experiment with special blends while others find a cocoa bean that makes a specific chocolate they most enjoy working into recipes. What is the size of your truffles: In Montana we believe in hearty and grand yet simple. We have varying sizes of truffles and creams that are designed for use in weddings, packaging, and single servings. Our Chubby Cherry is so chubby he barely fits in his box while the Belgian Truffles are grand in size and especially used for weddings and special events. Our ganache is packed with homegrown Montana flavor so the size is perfect for filling your mouth with a riot of taste and overwhelming goodness. It’s is considered to be the size of an “amuse bouche”’ French for small bite. At The Montana Chocolate Company, we bring you every size gourmet truffle for every possible occasion!

How should I store my chocolates? The Montana Chocolate company recommends you store our chocolates out of direct sunlight. They do best in air conditioning and ideally around 70-75 degrees F as they are all natural and outside influences such as light and heat can affect them.

How long can I keep my chocolates? Our chocolate are made free of preservatives so we do recommend consuming your treats within the first 14 days for the freshest most intense flavor. Our ganache is packed with complexity so even after the 14 days it will remain delicious.

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