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The Montana Chocolate Company produces more than 150 varieties of chocolate delights at our factory in Stevensville, Montana. Our products are hand dipped. We strive to use the highest quality ingredients.

The company traces its origins to 2002, when Charbonneau's Chocolate Company was formed in Stevensville. As is appropriate for a "made in Montana" company, the firm shared a name with an explorer who assisted Lewis and Clark on their 19th-century expedition through the West.

The business in 2010 was bought by Mike Brown at which point he changed the name to The Montana Chocolate Company(TMCCo) . He continued running it for about 6 years. The business as of April 2016 was purchased by Cailtin Dunn. Caitlin Dunn had worked at company for 7 years as an employee before she bought the business. Caitlin has since been using the same recipes as well as creating new, delicious flavors.


The company has also expanded its online business, serving customers around the United States and outside the States as well. The Montana Chocolate Company also supplies chocolates directly to hotels and other businesses across Montana and the Northwest.

All of us here at The Montana Chocolate Company hope you will enjoy our products.

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